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Mold Engeenering Stampi ad Iniezione

The Mold Engineering srl, designs and manufactures injection molds and die-cast aluminum.
In business since March 2004, the company was born by the passion of a skilled team for mechanics applied to molds.
The advanced technology combined to over 20 years of experience gained in the field by the 4 members, makes the Mold Engineering a company in constant development.

Seriousness and quality assure us respect and trust from our customers.

Workshop is the heart of the holding where we realize, on commission, steel molds for plastics ideal for high volume, partially or fully hardened and with special surface treatment. Customized solutions through an advanced technology and an ever-changing Know-how.
From the hands of the designers, printed designs comes in the programming area where a carefull reading is the first step to plan the mold construction. At the same time, the three-dimensional computer vision offers the opportunity to evaluate the final product in advance.
Row materials, meticulously checked and selected according to customers requirement start their working path through traditional and CNC machines:
Milling machine SACHMAN T10 (2000x1075x1000).
CNC AERRE CL55150A (1500x600x600).
Electric spindle 2400 rpm.
Displayed milling machine 900x340+500x400.
Lathe 1500x460-600
Drill press.
Electro Discharge Machining CDM Rovella VS 800 (1320x880x480).
Grinding machine 1000x500x400.

The company set the following targets:
- Increase quality and productivity through the periodic renewal of the technological assets and the enrichment of knowledge of design, production and management .
- Expand national and international business.
- Keep up a good relationship with our customers based on mutual trust and respect.

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